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Our boss remembers where he was

It was 20 years ago

Our boss remembers where he was

It was the 22nd of November 1997 that we heard heartbreaking news... 

Michael Hutchence was found dead at the age of 37 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Sydney. 

There's no doubt that we all remember how we felt, and what we were doing when we heard we had just lost our greatest Australian front man. 

Our boss here at KOFM remembers exactly when he found out... 

"I was working on air in Sydney, doing my usual Saturday Morning show. I arrived at the studios around 6am and shortly afterwards the News Reader who was rostered on came around to the studio to tell me that Michael Hutchence had been found dead in the Ritz Carlton Hotel. It was a surreal experience as we could see the hotel down at Double Bay from the 24th floor of the Bondi Junction studios. My first instinct was to get on air, share the tragic News, break format, play INXS songs and take callers sharing their memories of Australia’s greatest ever front man. But my News guys made it very clear… Police weren’t releasing any details and the victim mustn’t be named… family members around the world hadn’t been notified, and in this pre-internet era that could take some time. This did give us time to mobilize the troops and put together an appropriate tribute to Michael… which eventually went to air later in the day.

The thing I remember most though was pushing my 12 month old baby girl around Westfield Parramatta later in the day, and thinking… Not one of the thousands of people in this very busy shopping centre know what I know… but they’ll all know soon enough and how the shock waves of this tragic news would reverberate around the world." 

So today, we remember. 


Michael, we miss you mate.