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"2018 is the Knights' year" says the moon

It's a Super Red & Blue Moon!

"2018 is the Knights' year" says the moon

Let’s be honest, the Knights haven’t been doing the best these last few years, but we’ve got a feeling that all of that will turn around in 2018 – and even the moon thinks so!

If you’re up late tonight you’ll be able to witness a SUPER RED & BLUE MOON right across the Hunter’s skies!
A BLUE MOON occurs when it’s the second full moon in a calendar month. We had a full moon on January 1, and the month will finish off with another one!
A RED MOON, or ‘blood moon’, is the term used to describe a total lunar eclipse. This is because the moon turns a dark, reddish colour.
This red & blue moon is technically a SUPER MOON as well, meaning it’s orbiting closer to the Earth than usual.

So there you have it, this Super Red & Blue Moon has confirmed that 2018 is the year of the Newcastle Knights!