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IOS 11.3 Gives us what we always wanted!

and some things we didn't..

IOS 11.3 Gives us what we always wanted!

iOS 11.3 is HERE! Nearly..

It will be fully rolled out in the next few months but if you cant wait you might just be able to test the Beta version on your phone, check out to see if you qualify!

But what will it do?

Well, unlike most updates that claim to just fix and patch bugs it looks like this one is going to bring in some really long awaited features like...


1. Power Management.

Everybody's favourite update if you own and older device is the battery management setting where you can see if your battery is being used at a higher rate to keep up with the software and you'll even have the option to turn it off if you so desire! 

2. Medical Records

Your phone can now hold all of your medical records including Allergies and Medications, you may not use it often but when you do you'll be glad its there!

3. Augmented Reality

You can look up the nitty gritty if you like but basically it is going to be more real and more augmented then ever (is that a word?)

4. Animojis

Here is one to divide the crowds, more animojis! They aren't very useful but hey, they are super fun, why not add a few more animals and mystical creatures to the options.

5. More in the Cloud!

More in the cloud doesn't just mean it's easier for your phone to get hacked, it means less storage needed on your phone which is great for those who send a lot of picture messages and videos!


So lots of great changes! Some we asked for, some not but I think we can all agree it's a great time getting an update that actually changes our phones!

What do you think? Message us in the comments and let us know!