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Tanya & Steve Road Test New Zealand - Monday

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Tanya & Steve Road Test New Zealand - Monday


192 metres.

That’s how high Tanya & Steve stood today, at the top of the Sky City Tower in Auckland. Steve jumped off, Tanya walked around the edge of it. What a thrill!

The big jump was first.

I had prepared some final words for poor Steve (and called dibs on his new car, should things go awry) - but he strapped in tight, leaped, and made me SO extremely jealous of his fearlessness when he arrived safely on the ground.

It was seriously AMAZING to watch, and from all reports from Steve and Ryzy (who also took one for the team), the Sky City Tower Jump was even MORE AMAZING to do.

So why take the leap?

  • It’s a story you can tell for the rest of your life (plus you get the coolest video ever for your social media…)
  • You stay upright (unlike the bungee nose-dive style jumps you see)
  • You only live once #yolo

If you don’t love the free fall feeling, do the SkyWallk!

It’s equally as exhilarating, but you also get 360 degree panoramic views of Auckland. Win-win.

Tanya was terrified stepping onto the narrow walkway to begin with, but within minutes she gained confidence and really enjoyed it! The guides are true professionals, making you feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. You can push yourself to do daredevil tricks if you crave it. This is a must-do.

We then stopped for a quick lunch, before heading to the Trinity Wharf Hotel. This place is just stunning and the service is second to none. It’s so central – close to Hobbiton, Adrenalin Adventures & a volcano tour. 

Photo credit: Facebook//Trinity Wharf Tauranga

What next I hear you say? The long-awaited Waimarino Glow Worm Kayaking. Tanya & Steve have been talking about this for months!

This is a truly unique experience that you’ll never forget. The afternoon begins with cheese, crackers and mulled wine before sunset. Then, the friendly crew get you kitted up to jump into kayaks/canoes to go see magical creatures - aka glow worms.

Words don’t capture the magic of this adventure. You paddle into the river and as the night darkens, just the stars in the sky and glow worms in the canyon light your path. You will NOT regret doing this.

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