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More Figs Get The Chop, Exactly Six Years Since Laman St

Thankfully less dramatic this time!

More Figs Get The Chop, Exactly Six Years Since Laman St

The sound of chainsaws has been ringing out across Cooks Hill today, as Newcastle City Council contractors chop down some of the suburb's iconic fig trees.

They're being removed in Council Street between Darby and Bruce Streets over the next three days.

Council's CEO Jeremy Bath says they've been left with no choice.

"Unfortunately we have to remove the figs to deliver the rehabilitation of ageing water, drainage, utility, road and footpath infrastructure," Mr Bath said.

The fig trees have made it tricky for residents to park

Some of the damage caused to Council Street, Cooks Hill

"Also, fig trees make much better park trees than they do street trees. Their shallow but wide root systems choke drains, raise footpaths and cause foreseeable and unacceptable risk to people and property, which we need to mitigate."

"We will replace the figs with street trees that are much better suited to the Council Street environment, and the final outcome will be a completely new streetscape with better amenity for all."

It comes on the six year anniversary of the Laman Street fig trees getting the chop, which prompted protests and legal fights.

Laman Street fig trees before they were removed

Police were forced to keep protesters at bay during the removal of the Laman Street figs (Daily Telegraph)