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Memo To East End Residents: Supercars Noise Won't Be That Bad

It follows a new study..

Memo To East End Residents: Supercars Noise Won't Be That Bad

A study's found noise during the Newcastle 500 Supercars race won't be anywhere near as bad as what East End residents have been fearing.

An independently audited Noise Management Plan shows just two per cent of homes will be subject to noise louder than acceptable levels.

Organisers will now work with residents in these 31 homes on how best to deal with the noise.

“This report identifies what we predicted, that the noise impact of this event will be within guideline levels for the clear majority of residences and businesses,” Supercars CEO James Warburton said.

“For those where noise levels will be above guidelines, the impact of that noise can be easily dealt with by employing simple and effective mitigation strategies.

“With relevant Government agencies, we will identify and assist anyone with special needs, such as the vulnerable, infirm, elderly or very young, treating each case according to individual circumstances.”

Many East End residents have previously raised concerns about excessive noise levels during the race.