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Medowie Man Jailed Over Animal Cruelty

He'll spend three months behind bars.

Medowie Man Jailed Over Animal Cruelty

A Medowie man has been jailed over a shocking case of animal cruelty.

Adam Urquhart stood accused of throwing a kitten across a room towards a wall and stepping on the young cat as alleged punishment after the kitten went to the toilet on the carpet in February last year.

The RSPCA say Gizmo the cat was left with a broken leg, eye socket and chipped teeth and also suffered an eye injury.

Thankfully the kitten has made a full recovery.

The 30-year-old has since been sentenced to three months behind bars, has been banned from owning any animal for 10 years and has also been ordered to pay vet costs of $2,721.04 within 20 days.

RSPCA NSW deputy chief inspector Scott Meyers has welcomed the jail term handed to Urquhart in Newcastle Local Court yesterday.

“It is incomprehensible and truly sickening how any person could bash and abuse such a defenceless baby animal in this manner, and we’re glad to see the courts take this very seriously,” he said.