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Lemon Tree Passage Speed Limit Change

It's about to get slower

Lemon Tree Passage Speed Limit Change

Photo: Google Maps

Speed limits are being lowered on Lemon Tree Passage Road to reduce the number of serious crashes.

The RMS is lowering each of the speed zones by 10km/h from the intersection of Nelson Bay Road to the 50km/h section at Lemon Tree Passage by the end of July.

This stretch of road has seen several bad crashes in recent years.

"Speed is directly related to over 20 per cent of casualty crashes in Port Stephens,” Port Stephens Council's Lisa Lovegrove said.

“The crashes along Lemon Tree Passage Road have resulted in 58 casualties and one fatality over the past five years."

It's believed the change in speed limit will only add one minute and five seconds to the journey time from Lemon Tree Passage to Nelson Bay Road.

RMS will be installing electronic signs to advise drivers of the changed conditions.