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Everything Newrun Novices Need to Know

Over 2000 people set to run Sunday

Everything Newrun Novices Need to Know

Newrun, including the Newcastle Half Marathon, and 10km Hill to Harbour is on this Sunday – and if it’s your first time running, the nerves will kick in over the next day or two!

Luckily, race director Paul Humphreys has given us some tips of where people go wrong in events like these.

  • Be fully hydrated before the race. Being well hydrated starts well before the event. You should be drinking plenty of fluids (no...not beer or wine) on the days leading up to the race.
  • Get the food right. - No food pre-race is not ideal, and too much food can be worse! Make sure you have eaten something that you are used to, and know you will not see again later! On the longer runs you should take in some electrolyte at some of the drink stations. 
  • Test your gear. Don’t try out new shoes, shirts, or tricky devices on race day. You need to feel comfortable and familiar with your equipment. 
  • Stick to your plan. The race start is very exciting, and it is easy to start too fast. Don’t let the adrenaline take over in the first few kilometers. You will regret it later. 

For more info on this Sunday’s races, check out