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'Why Can An Abusive Partner Walk Free While She Lives In Fear?'

Calls For Tougher DV Court Action

'Why Can An Abusive Partner Walk Free While She Lives In Fear?'

The spotlight is back on the way our courts deal with domestic violence cases, after revelations the Gold Coast man responsible for yesterday's murder-suicide at Pimpama was facing serious charges for an earlier attack. 

52 year old David Bradford spent Christmas behind bars before being granted bail 2 weeks ago. He was before court on four charges relating to an incident on November 28.

It had been alleged David was stressed about his wife wanting to leave him, and his health, when he slapped his wife, gaffer-taped her mouth shut and punched her until she blacked out. Police say she was then dragged by her hair, and when she tried to call triple zero, she was choked. 

Dianne Mangan, CEO of domestic violence hotline DV Connect, says there is no way David should have been released. 

"It's devastating to see the circumstances of this woman's death, especially considering his behaviour leading up towards her death, he should not have been granted bail," she said.

"After 40 years of women having to secure their own safety, it’s now time that we as a system see he is responsible for her safety. I don't feel that a man who has abused his partner in such a way should be allowed to walk free while she lives in fear of the next court date."

"At what point are we going to make him responsible for his own family's safety?"

Friends of Teresa have said she was frantically looking for a new home in the days leading up to her death, so she could keep herself and her four children - who witnessed the brutal deaths - safe. 

Mangan says there's only so much a woman can do. 

"There's only so many places she can run and hide. She has a job, a life, children, she's got to be able to live."

Help is available for anyone who needs it - 

DV Connect: 1800 811 811 

Lifeline: 13 11 14