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What Is Australia The Best At?

Check out this new map

What Is Australia The Best At?
Pic: Getty Images (edited)

Ever wondered what your country does better than anyone else? There's now a map for that!

Infographic specialists Information Is Beautiful have put together an international map of 'number ones' because, as they say - every country is the best at something.

For Australia, you might have picked beaches or deadly animals, but according to their research it's actually data breaches.

They're probably referencing incidents like one earlier this year, where more than one million personal and medical records of Aussie citizens donating blood to the Red Cross were exposed.

The issue is so bad here, mandatory data breach disclosure legislation was introduced.

Some honourable mentions go to Canada, who are the best Facebook addicts in the world, Singapore, for having the healthiest people and Lithuania, for having the fastest Wi-Fi.

Places probably not boasting about their results are Honduras, number one for murders, Toga, the unhappiest people on earth, and Belarus, top for alcoholics.

Check out the full map below.