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What If Every Weekend Was A Long Weekend?

Push For 4 Day Work Weeks

What If Every Weekend Was A Long Weekend?

(Image: AAP)

At this time of year, with Easter and Anzac Day fast approaching, we have a lot of long weekends to look forward to.

So, what if every weekend was a long weekend?

Greens leader Richard Di Natale has flagged the idea for discussion, saying a four-day working week should be part of the national conversation about the future of work.

Senator Di Natale says it's time we question how we value work versus spending time with family. "There are big questions we're not asking ourselves. What sort of society do we want to be?" he said to the ABC on Tuesday night.

"What does the future of work in this country look like? How do we deal with the fact that wages have remained stagnant but productivity has gone through the roof?"

Recent surveys around the country have found almost one-quarter of Australians want to work less... but that means most of us are happy with things as they are.

In the United States, a four-day week was tested for public servants in Utah, but there was a backlash because it meant there were no government services on Fridays.