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Shots Fired On Manus Island


Shots Fired On Manus Island

Shots have been fired at the Manus Island detention centre, with asylum seekers saying they were under attack by locals.

Asylum seekers say a large group of locals tried to storm the centre at 6.30pm local time, the ABC reports.

Australian staff were seen running for a boat moored nearby, while asylum seekers hid in their rooms as shots rang out, the ABC said.

The Refugee Action Coalition said all staff had fled the compounds, leaving refugees and asylum seekers unprotected.

The refugee group said about 100 shots were fired, and locals also threw rocks at the detention centre.

Initial reports of the incident said both Papua New Guinean Police and Navy were involved in the shooting.

One detainee said the violence had erupted as locals tried to stop a soccer game involving detainees.

"Navy guys and locals I think trying to get inside the camp after beating Australian guards," he told Fairfax Media.

"Our camp is under attack. The Navy officers are firing. I am hiding in my room."

Another detainee said as the refugees came under attack as they were leaving the field.

The attack is the latest in a string of violent incidents at the centre, including the death of Iranian man Reza Berati, who was killed during a riot in 2014.

Greens Senator Nick McKim tweeted the news was "very disturbing".

The Department of Border Protection and Immigration has been contacted for comment.