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Shock Report: Aussie Blokes Are Unprepared For Valentine's Day

Are You A Last Minute Larry?

Shock Report: Aussie Blokes Are Unprepared For Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day is on the same day every year, but that's not stopping the men of Australia leaving their present buying until the last minute.


New research shows that 1 in 4 men won’t bother purchasing a Valentine’s Day gift until February 14…with the most purchased gift by men being a bouquet of flowers, followed by a card.


45% of men will buy a present a few days prior, 14% one week prior and 16% will have actually organised a gift 2 weeks in advance.


In comparison, only 5% of women will purchase a Valentine’s Day gift on the day, with 58% purchasing their present a few days prior and 21% getting themselves organised one week in advance.


13% of women will be super prepared with a gift sorted out two or more weeks before Valentine’s Day. The most common gift purchased by women is a card, followed by a nice meal.


Data shows that 48% of women celebrate Valentine’s Day, with women aged between 18 – 29 the most likely to take part in the romantic celebrations. In comparison 46% of men celebrate Valentine’s Day, with men in their thirties the biggest participants in the day of love.


And to keep things interesting, one in ten women are planning on buying a gift for themselves this Valentine's Day.


How prepared are you this year?