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REVEALED: Australia's Favourite Booze, Who Drinks Most

The answers might surprise you!

REVEALED: Australia's Favourite Booze, Who Drinks Most

PHOTO: Victorian Department of Health

A new report into Australia's drinking habits has unearthed some interesting tidbits on when, where and what we're guzzling.

For example, it turns out Baby Boomers and retirees like a tipple most often. Nine out of 10 of us admit to drinking "some" amount of alcohol. Blokes drink red, while as a whole ladies prefer to drink white wine.

The report, produced by Intermedia and published by the Herald Sun, The Shout, and RSA Online, surveyed 1027 Australian consumers and uncovered that most of us are classified as moderate or light drinkers.

Those classified as heavy drinkers were twice as likely to be male, with a concerning rate of one in four.

According to The Shout, 25 percent of all people in their sixties profess to a drink most days, compared with just 10 percent of people aged in their twenties.

Despite the stereotype, beer failed to take the mantle as preferred poison. Red and white wine proved most popular, while just one quarter of the population says they drink beer regularly.

- Aussies are most likely to treat themselves to a glass of red or white wine

- Most consumers admitted to drinking at home.
- More than a quarter say they drink at home a few times a week.
- Almost one in five say they drink at home "most days"

- Baby Boomers out-drink people in their twenties, with 25 percent of people in their sixties opting for a drink "most days"
- Men are twice as likely to be classified as "heavy" drinkers than women: one in four blokes fell into that category
- Non-drinkers were most likely to be on a low income