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Police Change Timeline Of How Las Vegas Massacre Began

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Police Change Timeline Of How Las Vegas Massacre Began

Police have altered their account of the Las Vegas massacre timeline, with confirmation that gunman Stephen Paddock shot a security guard in the hallway of the Mandalay Bay hotel six minutes before attacking concert-goers from his hotel room.

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo's confirmation of this adjustment of facts has a big impact on the timeline of events and raises even more questions about the shooter. 

Originally, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said that security guard Jesus Campos interrupted the shooting, with Paddock firing at him and this exchange causing Paddock to stop shooting at people attending the concert below.

However, now it appears as though the security guard was shot by Paddock six minutes before Paddock opened fire on concert-goers.

It is understood that the guard was responding to an open door alert and heard drilling from Paddock's room - likely due to the process of Paddock installing cameras in the area to alert him to the presence of police. Previously, it was thought that the guard was responding to the gunfire aimed at the concert. 

The guard was able to call in the attack as he somehow was only wounded, despite Paddock firing 200 shots down the hallway at him.

This revelation raises the question of what caused Paddock to stop the attack, as previously it was thought to be the interruption of the security guard.

Paddock had shot himself and died before police stormed the room.