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PM Turnbull Comments On Crowdfunded 'Vote No' Skywriting

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PM Turnbull Comments On Crowdfunded 'Vote No' Skywriting @mickyb273

The 'Vote No' skywriting which appeared over Sydney on the weekend was sourced by an anonymous group on GoFundMe, with more than $2500 raised to get the message in the sky.

According to, the words were plastered across the sky four times on Sunday morning, a day after the Coalition for Marriage launched its campaign against same-sex marriage.

The money raised on the site was frozen until the organisers revealed their identities, and there has been a big backlash to the incident.

The Australian Electoral Commission has received a lot of complaints, however a spokesperson told AAP that the 'safeguard' laws passed in relation to the survey did not apply to this medium of communication.

“It is only material that is capable of containing authorisation details that is regulated by the Act,” the spokesman said.

While Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said that he is encouraging the 'yes' vote, he said that everyone was entitled to have their own opinion.

“If you want people to respect your point of view you’ve got to be prepared to respect theirs,” Mr Turnbull said.