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PHOTOS: See The Aftermath Of TC Debbie On Hamilton Is

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PHOTOS: See The Aftermath Of TC Debbie On Hamilton Is

Hamilton Island has been one of the hardest hit by Tropical Cyclone Debbie, with several severely damaged buildings and most resources - power, water and most mobile phone reception - completely cut off. 

Brisbane man Dennis Garrett is there on holiday - he flew up last week for a family wedding, and hasn't been able to get out. 

He's staying on the marina side of the island, but has been out and about checking on relatives staying elsewhere. 

Dennis is one of a handful of people on the island who has mobile phone reception... he tells us he wants everyone to know they're doing okay. 

"Everyone's in good spirits. As long as people are knowing that their loved ones are safe, everyone's being looked after here under the circumstances. If everyone knows that, then that's the main message I guess"

He's described the damage - 

"There's quite a lot of boats that have washed up against the rocks and either managed to float out of the marina or there's a couple that are washed up on the other islands and up against the rocks

"We can see apartments that have had their roofs ripped off and then there's one in between that hasn't had damage at all so it's been quite picky in who it's impacted" 

"There's a lot of broken glass and awnings that are broken down. There's quite a lot of trees that were down and a palm tree in one pool. At one hotel, on the top couple of floors they're saying that the windows have blown out."

He says some businesses, including at least one restaurant and a bakery, are serving food to customers either for cash or for free.