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Passengers Jump Off NSW Virgin Flight

'Get out, run, run, run'

Passengers Jump Off NSW Virgin Flight

Passengers on a Virgin flight from Sydney to Albury have jumped from the plane onto the tarmac after being told by cabin crew to "get out and run, run, run" as soon as the plane landed.

A passenger on the 8.05am flight told AAP that passengers were urgently evacuated as soon as the plane landed at Albury Airport on Tuesday morning.

The doors of the plane were "ripped off" from the outside by authorities and passengers were told to leave their luggage and jump about 1.2 metres from the front exit onto the tarmac.

A man who was a passenger on the 68-seater turboprop was arrested on the tarmac and taken away by police. Watch the video below.


NSW Police confirmed there had been an incident at the airport.

"As soon as we landed the cabin crew started yelling 'Get out, run, run, run'," the passenger told AAP.

He said the passengers were assembled on the tarmac and police then arrested a man wearing a red jacket and red hat.

"The man didn't seem to resist the arrest."

Police asked the passengers if anyone had any issues with the man and spoke to the people who had been seated near him.

The arrested passenger was said to be calm throughout the flight and got up and went to the bathroom once.

Michelle McNamara, who works for a car hire company in the airport terminal, said plainclothes police, uniformed officers, firefighters and ambulance crews closed off half the terminal during the operation.

"It's normally quiet, it's Albury Airport," she told AAP.

"It's a bit concerning. With all that's happening in the world, it makes you think the worst."

Virgin has been contacted for comment.