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New Breast Cancer Testing To Reduce Mastectomies

Genetic test

New Breast Cancer Testing To Reduce Mastectomies

An advance in genetic testing that can accurately predict the risk of developing breast cancer could decrease the number of women opting to have pre-emptive mastectomies, according to new research.

This affects women who may have a history of breast cancer in their families and will provide more options for women to make informed decisions regarding treatment and preventative options.

According to, British researchers at the Manchester University NHS Trust and University of Manchester have developed the new testing which focuses on 18 genetic variations which impact on the chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Of the survey participants, many who were originally thought to be in the high-risk category were given a lower classification - meaning that a mastectomy was not recommended.

It is estimated that the number of women with BRCA1 and 2 mutations who decide to undergo a mastectomy could reduce from 50 per cent to 36 per cent.