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Malcolm Turnbull Promises Fewer Airport Delays For Travellers

'Advice will follow from the airlines'

Malcolm Turnbull Promises Fewer Airport Delays For Travellers

Image: Savvy Traveller/Twitter

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has assured Aussie travellers that airport waiting times will improve, following an alleged terror plot to bring down a plane in Sydney was foiled.

ASIO will reportedly restore the aviation threat level to its former status prior to weekend raids across Sydney, AAP reports.

Mr Turnbull told reporters “enhanced” security checks would continue in a modified format to prevent delays, while thanking travellers for their understanding and patience.  

"Continue for the time being to arrive two hours before a domestic flight, three hours before an international flight," he said.

"[New] advice will follow from the airlines over the next 24 hours."

Australian Federal Police commissioner Andrew Colvin told Mr Turnbull a strong body of evidence had been gathered with charges expected to be laid.

Three men currently in custody can be held until Sunday night without charge according to terror laws.

A fourth man, 50-year-old Abdul Merhi, was released without charge on Sunday night.