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Maccas Gets To Keep Its ‘Most Popular Coffee’ Claim To Fame

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Maccas Gets To Keep Its ‘Most Popular Coffee’ Claim To Fame

Image: McDonald's/Instagram

The advertising watchdog has ruled Macca's can keep its “Australia’s most popular” coffee claim.

The global fast food giant were investigated by the Advertising Standards Bureau (ABS) to see if McCafe coffee was the preferred choice for everyday Aussies, following a recent customer complaint, reports

The television ad at the heart of the complaint showed a barista handing a coffee to a drive-through customer as a voice-over purred: “When you try a freshly-made coffee at McCafe, you’re enjoying Australia’s most popular barista made coffee. Just one of the many reasons to try McCafe”.

The anonymous complainant insisted the phrase “best-selling” should've been used instead of “most popular” but McDonald's weren't having a bar of it.

“Key to this claim is the definition of the word ‘popular’," a spokesperson wrote in a three page reply.

"The Cambridge English Dictionary defines ‘popular’ as “liked, enjoyed, or supported by many people”. Likewise, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word to include “suitable to the majority, frequently encountered or widely accepted, commonly liked or approved.

“If McCafe cannot claim to be the most popular, who can?”

They added: “Despite looking at the data in a multitude of difference ways, we cannot see any other brand in a better position to make this claim that us.

“We submit that if there is no other brand better able to make this claim than us, then, by process of deduction, we are the most popular.”

After reviewing the television and considering McDonald’s’ statement, the ABS found no breach of the Food Code and the complaint was dismissed.