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Listen: This Woman Took The Call From Melbourne Siege Gunman

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Listen: This Woman Took The Call From Melbourne Siege Gunman

Pic: Yacqub Khayre outside court in 2010. Credit: AAP

We've been hearing about Monday's horrible ordeal in Melbourne, a fatal siege, that left two dead and three police officers injured.

One of the revelation to come out of it has been that the gunman called the Channel 7 newsroom, claiming that the siege was for Islamic State, who have since taken responsibility, and Al-Qaeda.

We spoke to Nicole Bland, from Channel 7's newsroom, who took the terrifying call as the drama unfolded.

Nicole said she started by speaking to the female hostage.

"Then a man's voice sort of in the background came on and he said 'this is the Brighton hostage,'" she said."

"He then said really calmly this is for IS, this is for Al-Qaeda."

The ordeal started around 4pm Monday, when police attended reports of an explosion at the Buckingham Services Apartments in Bay Street, Brighton, and found a body in the foyer of the building.

Police brought to an end the stand off by shooting dead a man behind the two-hour siege with one hostage at around 6pm. Two police are in hospital, one treated at the scene, none of the injuries are life threatening and they are expected to make a full recovery.

While the hostage is also safe. Listen to the full chat here: