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Kids Losing Their Imaginations

Imagination Not Valued In Oz

Kids Losing Their Imaginations

Image: CC0 Public Domain

New research suggests we're losing our passion for 'creating' and aren't really using our imaginations as much from age six.

When it comes to imagining all the possibilities, less than half of those quizzed by Decibel Research for Canon Australia, think Australia is an imaginative nation. Just two in five believe imagination is valued here.

Others feel like we are losing the ability to easily imagine between ages six and nine.

Others feel like work in the arts or creative fields isn't considered a 'professional' career.

40% of respondents feel like society doesn't value imagination for government/cultural/political reasons, while 29% noted that imagination wasn’t prioritised or properly valued.

The results show that as a nation, we have lost our passion for creating, which affects all areas of our daily lives.

With 22% of respondents saying that art/pop culture feeds their imagination, Canon is challenging photographers to think big.

It's launched ‘Imagination’, the latest episode in The Lab series.