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Jumpstart Packs Recalled Due To Overheating

Users could suffer burns

Jumpstart Packs Recalled Due To Overheating

A particular brand of vehicle jumpstarter packs is being recalled, because of an issue with the battery component. 

Brown & Watson International Pty Ltd (BWI) is offering refunds to anyone who owns one of its Projecta Intelli-Start Jumpstarters sold through various retailers and distributors since September 2016. 

The underside of the affected products starts the part number (P/No,) as either IS900E or IS1200E, while the front will say either 12V 900A or 12V 1200A. 

The recall comes after a fault was found with the battery, and which is some cases were overheating and could possibly catch alight. 

Consumers are being told to stop using the packs straight away, and contact their place of purchase or BWI (1800 422 422) to organise a refund. 

A website has also been set up for this recall, click HERE for more.