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Hunt For MH370 Back On

A Big Bounty Awaits

Hunt For MH370 Back On

The worlds greatest aviation mystery could eventually be solved, with an American exploration company offering to pick up the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

The Boeing 777 disappeared in 2014 en route to Beijing from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur with 239 people aboard.

Analysis of radar and satellite contacts suggested someone on board may have deliberately switched off the plane's transponder before diverting it thousands of kilometres out over the Indian Ocean.

Australia, Malaysia and China called off the $200 million, two-year search for the plane back in January, amid protests from families of those on board.

The US company, Ocean Infinity, has offered to resume the search for free and had asked for a reward only in the event the aircraft was found.

There have been competing theories since the plane vanished, about whether it was hijacked or was under the control of anyone when it finally ran out of fuel.

Once they track down MH370, hopefully we can finally find Amelia Earhart.