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Humans May Be Completely Banned From Driving Within 25 Years

Bring on the robot chauffeurs

Humans May Be Completely Banned From Driving Within 25 Years Image: Pixabay

If you fancy going for a casual drive in about 25 years’ time then think again – experts are predicting humans will be banned from getting behind the wheel altogether as robots take charge.

Omar Rahim, the Chief Executive of UK tech firm Energi Mine reckons a driving ban will be “inevitable” and in turn save thousands of road fatalities in the process, The Mirror reports.

"Machines can be programmed to process information much faster than humans, as well as make decisions based on physics and mathematics alone," he said.

"Taking humans out of the equation will lead to safer roads for both passengers and pedestrians."

Rahim is currently putting pressure on the UK government to roll out legislation on driverless cars, and Australia could no doubt follow suit.

He hopes new policy could line up with a ban on petrol and diesel operated cars in the UK, which has been earmarked for 2040.

"The key driver behind this decision is the damaging impact petrol and diesel cars have on the quality of our air and environment,” he added.

“However, governments have missed the point. We should be banning humans from driving altogether," he said.