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Gumtree Says Everyone Has Something To Sell

Money Money Money Money

Gumtree Says Everyone Has Something To Sell

When you go home tonight and look around your lounge room, you're going to see dollars everywhere! Well, sort of. You're going to see money to be made.

That's what we've learned about the Second Hand Economy report, out from Gumtree today. The trading website reckons the sector in Australia is worth a massive $43.5 billion this year, up almost $4 billion on 2016.

So what's behind the boom? Experts say it's simply driven by the number of people recognising there's value in selling unwanted items, and every Aussie household has them.

It's estimated 91% of us have at least 25 unwanted items, worth approximately $5,404 per person. The numbers crunched by Gumtree say over 100 million items exchanged hands through the second hand economy in the past year. Of the 60% of Australians who sold second hand items, 83% confirmed they sold them online.

Where's the cash to be made? Look in your wardrobe and on your book/DVD shelf. The most common unwanted goods are clothing, shoes, and accessories at 63%. This is followed by books (54%), music, DVD’s and CD’s (54%), and electronic goods (50%).

Finally if you have a baby on the way, or one who has just grown out of it's last jumpsuit - this is the solution for you. 76% of parents say they have bought second hand items when having a baby, the most popular goods being toys (42%), cots (40%) and baby clothes (39%).