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Footy Player Eaten By Tiny Beach Critters

Have You Ever Heard Of Sea Lice?

Footy Player Eaten By Tiny Beach Critters

Image: Jarrod Kanizay, Facebook & Thomas Bjørkan

When 16-year-old Sam Kanizay took a dip at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton Melbourne on Saturday evening he didn't think much of it.

Entering the water at around 6:20pm to recover from playing footy that day, Kanizay couldn't feel much because he was a little sore and numb in the cold water.

However when he left the water about half an hour later, Kanizay discovered he was bleeding from his calves down.

At first Sam brushed it off thinking he must have stepped on a rock or something. But soon realised the injury was actually pin prick bite marks that wouldn't stop bleeding.

The teen was quickly rushed off to the Sandringham Emergency Department for treatment.

"Not really anyone had ever seen anything like it before," he told the Hot Breakfast, speaking from his bed at Dandenong Hospital. "At Sandringham they didn't have any idea, they tried to contact other hospitals and experts. But no one really had a clue what caused it." 

The tiny bite marks left doctors baffled as to what could have caused the bleeding. One suspected it could have been sea lice, a marine parasite that feeds on other fish.
Although this has not been confirmed yet.

Who knows what it could be? Sea lice, seaweed... mystical ocean critter that eats you alive!

For now we might avoid the water for a little while.

Sam's dad Jarrod Kanizay took to Facebook to warn friends about swimming at the beach in Brighton.

"Something ate Sam's legs. If you're member of the Ice Bergers or running group that ice their legs at Brighton, then you may want to repost this to warn them to not stand still for too long."

Sam is in stable condition recovering in hospital.

He's since posted a video of what he claims was collected from the water in Brighton Beach.