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Family Dog Beaten To Death And Hung On Fence In Horror Cruelty Case

Police investigation underway

Family Dog Beaten To Death And Hung On Fence In Horror Cruelty Case Pic: Supplied

There's been another horror animal cruelty case involving a staffy in South East Queensland.. 

Mum of three Kelly Morrow came home to a grisly scene after a day out on Friday. Her four year old staffy, Rocko aka Boof, had been badly beaten and his body hung on a 5ft fence on the back of her property. 

Boof had been living with Kelly and his playmate Roxy, also a four year old staffy, since he was just 8 weeks old. 

"I got home just on dark, around 7 o'clock... We found him up the back yard... they had hung him on the fence. We couldn't really see the injuries straight away but once the police came, we rolled him over, and he had injuries on one side of his body and there was a star picket right next to him on the ground which I think they've used to hurt him" 

Kelly believes the injuries were inflicted by a human. She says there is no evidence to suggest Roxy hurt him, or that he could have hurt himself. 

She says she can't think of any reason someone would want to hurt Boof. 

"He did bark, but only if somebody was at the fence and he would alert me. My neighbours actually really liked having Boof around because they knew if he was barking, they needed to go and see what was going on"

"I think someone may've jumped in to the yard and caught Boof on guard, while he was sleeping in the carport. He's probably woken up and bailed them up and instead of trying to get out of my yard, where they shouldn't have been, I think they've hurt my dog" 

Kelly took to the Must Love Staffies Facebook page to raise awareness and money for Boof's cremation.

She says the support via a Go Fund Me page has been overwhelming. 

"I couldn't believe I got that much support. All I wanted from it was to bring my boy home, which is going to cost about $330. The rest of the money is going to be split between the staffy rescues in Australia" 

Now, Kelly's only wish is to find whoever is responsible. 

"The sick people that do these sorts of things are usually the sorts who take photos on their phone and brag to their mates about how tough they are. They will slip up sooner or later"  

You can hear more of Boof's story from Kelly below..