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Facebook Wants To Build A Real-Life Town In San Francisco

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Facebook Wants To Build A Real-Life Town In San Francisco

Image: Facebook

Given we're already pretty hooked on Facebook via our computers and smart phones, it makes sense that social network bosses want to rack up some of our "likes" in the real world.

Facebook has announced they're making a real-world village based at Facebook's Menlo Park in California, and it's set to help ease the San Francisco housing crisis by also offering 15% of new homes at below-market rates.

With a two year planning phase set to kick off this month, Facebook expects the first phase of the project to be finished by October 2021, with a supermarket, shops, offices and homes all in the works.

"Working with the community, our goal for the Willow Campus is to create an integrated, mixed-use village that will provide much needed services, housing and transit solutions as well as office space," a Facebook Community spokesperson wrote.

"Part of our vision is to create a neighborhood center that provides long-needed community services.

"We plan to build 125,000 square feet of new retail space, including a grocery store, pharmacy and additional community-facing retail."

The project also plans to draw on the expertise of locals, generating jobs alongside internship opportunities for students.

"Our hope is to create a physical space that supports our community and builds on our existing programs," they added.

"We've hosted tens of thousands of community members at farmers' markets and events, and partnered with nonprofits like Rebuilding Together Peninsula to rehabilitate local homes.

"We've also enrolled local high school students from East Palo Alto, Belle Haven and Redwood City in our six-week summer internship program."