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Epic Dash Cam Fight Sees Driver Lose Water Bottle And $100

NSFW language warning

Epic Dash Cam Fight Sees Driver Lose Water Bottle And $100 Image: Dash Cam Owners Australia/Facebook

Claws were out in full force during a Cabramatta car park feud that’s seen one irate driver hurl a water bottle at another driver – and lose $100 in the process.

In an expletive-filled video shared to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page on Saturday, two female drivers are heard completing losing it at each other, and all over a car space.

 “F****** wait, you d***head,” yells the woman, named as Kara, out to the car behind her.

“F****** b****,” the other driver hit back.

Eventually, the car in front reverse parks and lets the BMW behind her pass. But one last antagonistic blast of the car horn from Kara sees a water bottle fly towards her windscreen, alongside two $50 notes which inadvertently float to the ground.

Accompanying the video, Kara wrote: "At Cabramatta today, ended up with $100 with a water bottle chucked at my windscreen hahahha.”

You can check out the full video below but be warned - it’s riddled with bad language.