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Does Cassie Sainsbury's Dad think she's guilty?

"A father's love is unconditional"

Does Cassie Sainsbury's Dad think she's guilty?

The father of accused Aussies drug smuggler Cassie Sainsbury says he'll be there for his daughter - when she gets home from Colombia.

Stuart Sainsbury's told Nine News he doesn't believe his daughter's a drug mule. "You want to know something? A father's love is unconditional. Never stops, regardless of what happens."

"I don't believe she was a drug mule, she's just my kid. Like, what parent thinks of their kid as a drug mule".

The Adelaide woman's in a putrid cell in Bogota after allegedly being caught with drug filled headphones in her case.

Of interest is the fact Cassandra Sainsbury is accused of being in serious debt after the collapse of her fitness business in the South Australian town of Yorektown.

It's also understood a third party from Hong Kong had paid for some of her recent overseas travel.