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Channel Ten Dumps The Simpsons After 25 Year Run

Other Fox shows on chopping block

Channel Ten Dumps The Simpsons After 25 Year Run Fox Broadcasting Network

For the first time in 25 years, cartoon classic The Simpsons has been taken off free-to-air TV in Australia after negotiations between broadcaster Channel Ten and the company who owns the show, 21st Century Fox, fell through.

New seasons of TV's favourite yellow family were set to air later this month, but the show won't be returning to the network.

It is understood Fox was unhappy with the amount of cash Ten offered up to pay for the content. It is unsure if any rival networks in Australia have made a bid for the show.

Because of the failed deal, it has been reported that all Fox shows currently being broadcast on Ten will be dumped including Modern Family, MASH, Futurama, Malcolm In The Middle, and all Fox movies.