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Cairns Woman Who Killed 8 Children Won't Be Prosecuted

Cannabis induced schizophrenia to blame

Cairns Woman Who Killed 8 Children Won't Be Prosecuted

Pic: Getty Images

The Cairns mother who killed eight children just days before Christmas 2014 apparently heard birds chirping and took it as a message from Gods to turn on the kids to 'save them' from 'the end of the world'. 

News Corp is reporting a mental health court has now ruled the 37 year old was not of sound mind when she stabbed the children - who were aged from 2 to 14 - at her home. 

Psychiatrists have ruled the previously heavy cannabis smoker had recently given up the drug, and had spiralled into drug induced schizophrenia. 

They found the woman had "paranoid delusions that the world was going to end" and that she was "the annointed one". 

"She heard the sound of a bird and believed from hearing that sound it was a message she must kill the children to save them", said Dr Jane Phillips. 

Another psychiatrist said it was the woman's "unshakeable false beliefs that drove her to do what she did". 

The court ordered that "the long-term cannabis use has brought about the schizophrenia in a person who was predisposed (to the condition)"

The woman has been held at the Park Centre for Mental Health at Wacol since she was arrested.