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Men Banned from Queensland Stadiums After Abusing Women

Two Year Bans After Footage Went Viral

Men Banned from Queensland Stadiums After Abusing Women

The three men who were exposed on Twitter verbally abusing three women at Sunday's Horn V Pacquiao fight won't be able to step foot in a Queensland stadium for two years.

The state has come down hard on the guys, with Sports Minister Mick de Brenni labelling their actions as "offensive" and "disgraceful."

There is no place for sexism, harassment and racism in Queensland and there is no place for racism and sexism at our stadiums,” Mr de Brenni said.

“The behaviour that has been reported is deeply offensive and it’s disgraceful.”

Their actions were exposed by Ten journalist Tegan George, who posted a clip to Twitter.


The men were reported to police and were ejected from the stadium.

Mr de Brenni said everyone should feel safe attending events.

“All of Queensland’s stadiums are family friendly venues and they should be places where people feel safe to enjoy world class events like the one we saw over the weekend.

“If you can’t enjoy sport without ruining other people’s enjoyment then you can hurl as much abuse as you want at your TV at home. You won’t be seeing anything live at any of our venues.”