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Bitumen Truck Explosion In North Queensland

Man airlifted to hosp

Bitumen Truck Explosion In North Queensland

Pic: Queensland Ambulance

A truck full of hot bitumen has exploded south of Cairns, leaving a man seriously injured. 

Emergency crews were called to Eubenangee, south of Cairns, just after 9am. 

The man has serious burns to his upper body and face.

Queensland Ambulance's Senior Operation Supervisor Rita Kelly 

"The male person had opened up the back of a bitumen truck and a flash explosion came out the back" 

"Consequently he's sustained some serious burns to his face and hands but thankfully he was wearing protective gear at the time so the facial burns are mostly superficial" 

He has been airlifted to Cairns Hospital for further treatment. 


Queensland Police have set up a 500 metre exclusion zone. 

"The vehicle involved still has approximately 1000 litres of bitumen that's at boiling temperatures and there's the potential for an explosion"