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BALL BUSTERS: School Bans Balls Amid Safety Fears

Students banned from bringing them

BALL BUSTERS: School Bans Balls Amid Safety Fears

It's an iconic part of Australian childhood: kicking, throwing, catching the ball with your mates.

But a Croydon Primary School has imposed a ban which forbids its young students from bringing in their footballs and soccer balls.

Mother of three Jodie Del Monaco has told us she and other parents were sent a letter from Dorset Primary School informing them of the change, which the school says is because of "sport-related injuries in the playground due to impacts with playing balls that are over inflated and oversized."

The note goes on to say that the institution will provide its students with "correctly sized playing balls".

An incredulous Jodie says her nine-year-old son has been hit hardest by the decision, which means he can no longer play his favourite game.

"He's really into 'down ball' and apparently the down balls are just too hard," she said, a hint of laughter in her voice. "He's willing to bring one from home and the balls are really cheap to buy but the school's just not willing to go that mile... Which is just a bit ridiculous." 

It's understood a number of injuries including a minor concussion and fractured hands prompted the decision which some parents have labelled "extreme". 

This isn't the first time the educational facility has courted controversy. In 2015 it overturned a decade-long ban on students riding their bikes to and from class after widespread outrage.

It's also not the first institution to spark condemnation: Moonee Ponds West Primary School tried banning Mothers Day stalls, Geelong West Primary banned kids from hugging and Spring Street was accused of trying to ban fairy tales in Victorian Schools.