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Bali's Mount Agung Threatens To Blow

Killed Thousands In 1963

Bali's Mount Agung Threatens To Blow

A massive volcano is threatening to blow it's top in Bali.

Indonesian authorities are calling for calm, despite an increase in seismic activity at the Mount Agung volcano this week. They've now issued an alert to evacuate areas within 7.5km of the mountain.

Mount Agung is a popular hiking spot for foreign tourists, and smoke has already been seen rising from the crater.

The volcano last erupted in 1963, emitting ash 10 kilometres high and killing more than a thousand people.

Bali's Governor tried to reassure worried locals that all measures were in place to cope with an eruption, and locals will be helped to store motorbikes, cars and even livestock to reduce losses.

At this stage there's no impact to flights in and out of Bali.

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