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Avocados Could Drop In Price As Supplies Smash 10 Year Records

Hipsters thankful brunch can continue

Avocados Could Drop In Price As Supplies Smash 10 Year Records Image: Pexels

Brunch could be getting a whole lot cheaper amid reports avocado supplies across the nation are at their highest in a decade.

Avocados Australia Chief executive officer John Tyas said stock levels from a dismal 2016 season – pricing the glorious green fruit sold up to $6 a pop – were long gone with some 75,000 tonnes expected for the 2017-2018 financial year, the ABC reports.

"We have seen growth in Australian avocado production pretty much year on year for a couple of decades," Mr Tyas said.

"It is not unexpected that each year we will see the levels of avocados produced in Australia continue to increase."

Riverland fruit grower Colin Fechner said the high volume of fruit ensured “everybody is happy”, and would have positive follow-on to customers.

"The volume of fruit going through the market keeps moving, the consumers are happy because fruit isn't stale, and everybody is happy," he said.

"Returns to growers probably over the last 10 years would pretty well have doubled.

“But in the shop they are really not a great deal dearer than what they were eight to 10 years ago."