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Australia's Most Dangerous Jobs Revealed

Does your industry make the list?

Australia's Most Dangerous Jobs Revealed

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If you work in construction, transport or on the land you have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country.

Figures show Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing has topped the list of dangerous industries, with 52 people killed in 2015 according to Safe Work Australia's Work-related Traumatic Injury Fatalities, Australia.

Second on the list is Transport, Postal and Warehousing with 40 deaths in 2015, while Construction is in third place after 33 fatalities in the same year, as well as 12,575 serious injuries.

Not surprisingly, over 10 times as many people killed at work were male than female, at a total of 176 of the 188 fatalities (94%). Males also recorded 64% of all serious work claims than females.


1. Agriculture, forestry and fishing

Deaths: 52

Serious Injuries: 3410

2. Transport, postal and warehousing

Deaths: 40

Serious Injuries: 8820

3. Construction

Deaths: 33

Serious Injuries: 12,575

4. Manufacturing

Deaths: 13

Serious Injuries: 13,725

Source:, Safe Work Australia