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Aussie Who Dug His Way Out Of Bali Prison Was Just Weeks From Freedom

Manhunt underway now

Aussie Who Dug His Way Out Of Bali Prison Was Just Weeks From Freedom

Bali police have now spent more than 24 hours searching for an Australian man who dug his way our of the notorious Kerobokan prison, alongside 3 other inmates. 

Originally from Perth, 33 year old Shaun Davidson was just 10 weeks from release after being sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for using another man's passport. 

Davidson and his 3 escapee mates - a Malaysian, Bulgarian and Indian - apparently tunnelled their way 15 metres out of the prison's confines. 

The tunnel travels underneath the prison wall and emerges at a road running along Kerobokan.

A guard tower hovers above it, but was unmanned at the time due to staff shortages.

Just two buckets, a towel, cups and sandals lay nearby.

Head of Badung District Police, Yudith Hananta, has told AAP there's been no information about the escape, despite officers spending the night interviewing potential witnesses. 

"We hope they haven't left Bali, so it is easier for us to catch them."

Kerobokan prison governor Tony Nainggolan says the escapees all lived in the same cell block. 

"We will investigate if there's involvement from other prisoners or guards,"

Head of Bali Corrections, Surung Pasaribu, said there was nothing in Indonesia's criminal code that would allow the men to be charged with escape, however they could face damaging a facility.

"If they escape, they don't receive remission or parole," he added.

Staff shortages, chronic overcrowding and allegations of corruption have long plagued Indonesia's prisons.