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Aussie teens as young as 13 are watching pornography

Aussie teens as young as 13 watch porn

Aussie teens as young as 13 are watching pornography

The majority of Aussie teens are watching pornography, prompting calls for it to be used as part of sexual education discussions in school.

A landmark Burnet Institute report questioned people aged 15-29 finding all men who had taken part had viewed pornography, while for women that rate was 80%.

The study's author, Doctor Megan Lim says what really surprised her was just how how frequently they were watching pornography.

"So the young men, about 80% of them were watching it everyday or every week and among the young women it was much lower but at least 60% were watching it once a month."

The study also found the average age of boys first viewing porn was 13 and 16 for girls.

Dr Lim says the research gives weight to the importance of discussing pornography in the classroom.

"You don't, you know, introduce the full program at a very young age, but we know from as early as eight and nine some children were seeing pornography. So I think it is important that education is starting at around that age, at least about safe use of the internet.

"We've already been talking to the Government about the findings of the study, they are pretty aware that pornography is a growing concern. There is a lot of movement to include pornogrpahy in sex education at schools and this data really helps to justify that."