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A Current Affair's Ben McCormack Taken To Hospital


A Current Affair's Ben McCormack Taken To Hospital

(Image: Twitter)

A Current Affair reported Ben McCormack has been admitted to hospital, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The journalist has been accused of child pornography offences and the 42-year-old's lawyer said he was working on McCormack's bail conditions.

“I don’t know what he is being assessed for but I understand he will be there for while,” Steve Macedone told The Daily Telegraph.

“I need to vary some bail reporting conditions because of his impending stay in hospital — but I don’t know what exactly it is about,” he said.

Macedone has claimed that much reporting in the media surrounding the scandal has not been correct.

“As I see it [media reporting] is different from what I am reading in the fact sheet,” he said.

“What is being alleged isn’t complete because as I understand it the police are still investigating matters

“I have no idea what the final allegations will be.”